Sunday, May 27, 2012

Battle of Prairie Grove, AR - Conclusion

 Turn one - Yanks win initiative and move first.
 Positions after first move.
 19th Iowa moves up.
 20th Wisconsin moves up.
 King and Pleasant's men wait behind the fence.
 The first casualties fall.
 Wounded and routed Yanks fall back.
 More men begin to fall.

 Turn 2
 Turn 2

 Turn 3 - the Yankees reach the fence and press forward.
 Turn 4 the Rebels give up the fence and move back towards the orchard.

 The 19th Iowa has taken the fence and prepares to move towards the orchard.
 Having taken heavy losses, the 20th Wisconsin lags behind.
 The battle ends with the conclusion of the attacks of the 19th Iowa and 20th Wisconsin.
The losses in the front of the 20th Wisconsin are sobering.


  1. I played this battle up to the point that the 19th Iowa breached the fence. Historically, McFarland would move them into the orchard, where they would be hit hard by Fagan's boys. McFarland would be killed and the 19th would fall back for the duration of the battle. In the end the Rebs would hold the hill.

    Historical casualties were heavy. Fagan's Brigade would incur 39% losses.

    The losses for my game were as follows (dead only)
    19th Iowa = 31 Dead
    20th Wisconsin = 42 Dead
    Total Union Dead = 73

    Brooks = 15 Dead
    Hawthorne = 13 Dead
    King = 9 Dead
    Pleasant = 15 Dead
    Total Confederate Dead = 52

    Using my rules Kepi & Musket allowed for a quick game.

    Historical Losses =
    19th Iowa = 72 Dead
    20th Wisconsin = 51 Dead
    Fagan's Brigade = 81 Dead

  2. Cool, I like to do historical games as well