Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Set'em Up & Knock'em Down Christmas Pack

 Here is a look at the total package: Rules Sheet, Scenario Sheet, Turn Record Card & Marker, 6" ruler, bag of lychen, 150 1/72nd scale Grey Soldiers, 150 1/72nd Scale Green Soldiers, 1 Airfix Forward Command Post Model, 1 decorated plastic box which houses it all as well as vinyl battlemat, bag of battle dice, 1 jet, 3 jeeps, 2 tanks, and 12 plastic trees.
 Completed Forward Command Post. Nothing fancy. Just a simple setup for a simple game.
 Personalized box.
 Trees, dice, battlemat, jeeps, tanks, and plane
 150 Green Guys.
 150 Gray Guys.
Another look at the total package.


  1. Having some co-workers over for a Christmas bash this weekend. They happen to be bringing 2 young boys along.

    So...always eager to share my hobby, I created two custom sets to introduce them to basic table top gaming.

    You never know, it might be the spark to create some new miniature gamers.

  2. May well indeed. My son is six and he got out his camaign battle map (I think it's South Africa) and had some of his plastic figures fight over it. Was real fun watching him. Good luck with it.


  3. Ahhh the Nostalgic Green Army Men! You can never go wrong with these guys. Bring me back good ol memories of my younger days.

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