Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Time in Set-em Up & Knock'em Down Land

 Christmas truce between the cat and the mouse.
 Things are busy in the kitchen!
 Just chillin' before the big day.

 A little action as the library or is that a bookshelf game...might be Panzer Blitz!!!
 Some private time.
 Well...Santa and his Moose...Moose...have arrived...just in time for that Panzer Blitz game.
 More family has arrived.
 Playmobil is pretty cool stuff...
 My daughter's annual Christmas setup. Her pride and joy each year.
 Santa in action.
The tree is lit and ready to go.

 Getting in some sled time.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Set'em Up & Knock'em Down Christmas Pack

 Here is a look at the total package: Rules Sheet, Scenario Sheet, Turn Record Card & Marker, 6" ruler, bag of lychen, 150 1/72nd scale Grey Soldiers, 150 1/72nd Scale Green Soldiers, 1 Airfix Forward Command Post Model, 1 decorated plastic box which houses it all as well as vinyl battlemat, bag of battle dice, 1 jet, 3 jeeps, 2 tanks, and 12 plastic trees.
 Completed Forward Command Post. Nothing fancy. Just a simple setup for a simple game.
 Personalized box.
 Trees, dice, battlemat, jeeps, tanks, and plane
 150 Green Guys.
 150 Gray Guys.
Another look at the total package.