Sunday, December 29, 2013

Runaway Oliphant!!!

 Following the disaster at Pelennor Fields, a lone Oliphant attempts to escape on the southern road out of Gondor.
 The Oliphant begins to enter the southern road that will pass through South Ilithien.
 But the Oliphant is not alone. Rangers under the leadership of Faramir's Captains are preparing an ambush.
 The Rangers move quickly into position.

 Some take up positions in the trees overlooking the road.
 Others wait patiently in the underbrush.
 The battle begins as the Rangers launch a flight into the Oliphant.
 The Oliphant has a long road to travel.
 More Rangers approach the road.
 The battle is joined.
 Too late, the Southrons see their peril.

 More Rangers move to interdict the road.
 The Oliphant lowers its head and continues to bull forward along the road.
 Behind the Oliphant come Trolls and Orcs, who like the Oliphant are desperate to escape the slaughter at Minas Tirith.
 They are are unwelcome surprise for the Rangers.
 But the Rangers have support in the form of Rohan Horse, who have arrived late to the battle.
 Courageously, the horsemen of Rohan ride straight toward the giant beast.
 A collision is imminent.
 The Orcs and Trolls wade into the Rangers as the Oliphant continues to plow ahead.

 The Rangers charge into combat with the hated Orcs.

 "For Theoden and Rohan!"

 The Oliphant slays all who get near it.
 Undeterred, the Riders of Rohan move in to attack the lumbering beast.

 The Orcs and Trolls make progress against the Rangers.
 Arrows simply bounce off the tough skins of the Trolls.

 The Rangers find themselves surrounded by the surging Orcs.
 Riderless horses stream around the Oliphant...a sign of tragedy among the Riders of Rohan.
 The Riders of Rohan continue to press their attack...but their efforts are futile as more and more of them are felled by the enraged Oliphant.

 The Rangers attempt to cut off the Orcs.
 The Oliphant is nearly at the end of the road and salvation. It is driven relentlessly forward by its masters.
 Orcs and Rangers slay one another with wild abandon.
 The Riders of Rohan make one last attempt to bring down the Oliphant.
 But, fate against the Riders and the Oliphant continues its headlong retreat.
 The Oliphant escapes.
The surviving Rangers greet the sole surviving Rider of Rohan. They live to fight another day.